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Sherwood Industries extrudes an environmentally friendly rubber sheet. Recycled rubber is rubber that has been reclaimed from scrap material such as EPDM scrap or SBR scrap from tires and blended with recycled polypropylene making it a 100% recycled product.
Recycling rubber helps the environment as it reduces the amount of rubber going into landfills. Additionally, recycled rubber can be reprocessed again and again. This means recycled rubber is infinitely recyclable unless the materials are changed. Recycled rubber is less expensive than rubber and offers excellent durability. It has cold temperature impact, high tear resistance, is UV stable and can be vacuum formed.
Used as mud flaps, in engine compartments, in wheel wells, as rock shields, as well as in many industrial and commercial applications.



We offer multiple patterns to best suit your application. The thickness and width of the recycled rubber depends on which pattern and durometer is chosen. Our most common durometer is 80 shore A / 85 shore A.

  • 0.050″ to 0.25″ thickness up to 96″ width* (depending on the pattern and durometer)

  • 0.050″ to 0.50” thickness up to 48″ width* (depending on the pattern and durometer)

*Please note: These widths are only available for our recycled rubber products. We are unable to extrude these widths for our Santoprene and TPE products.

Samples of recycled rubber
Sample of recycled rubber
Sample of recycled rubber
Sample of recycled rubber
Sample of recycled rubber