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Sherwood Industries began in 1975 with the developing of foams for use as Speaker Surrounds. Sherwood Industries Inc. has supplied the Speaker Industry worldwide with the highest quality foams for over 43 years now. We created specialized Polyester and Polyether foams that we designed specifically for use as Speaker Surrounds. Within a year of our inception, our U.S. sales grew and we began exporting our foams to Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Europe and other countries around the world.

Our exports grew quickly and we moved to larger facilities. During this time, we developed a new Water Resistant Foam for Speaker Surrounds. Our Water Resistant Foams will hold a 5% soapy water solution for over 24 hours and additionally will hold plain water indefinitely. Our Water Resistant Foams are now sold in all corners of the world.

Continuing our product development, we started extruding SantopreneTM TPV Sheet for use as Speaker Surrounds. With this new product in our line-up, we needed more space and moved to our current facility in Niles, Illinois. We now produce Santoprene Sheet for a multitude of industries including Automotive, Electric, Medical etc. Santoprene is used in everything from Die Cut Gaskets to Speaker Surrounds. We then expanded to include a Profile Extrusion Line and a Recycled Rubber Line to compliment our Foam Products and Santoprene Sheet Extrusion.

With 4 full time extrusion lines we extrude over a million pounds of Santoprene a year. We are proud of our expansion and are not afraid to evolve and create new products to serve our customers.

Please call us and let us know how we can serve you. It is our pleasure to do so.

Sherwood Industries Inc. began as a small family business in 1975.

A global company: We export our products to all countries worldwide.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and service to all of our customers.

Product leaders and innovators

We are constantly adding and innovating new products into our line up. We will soon offer corona treated and adhesive backed extrusion sheets.

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