Sherwood has created a series of Water Resistant Foams that are used to manufacture the perfect speaker surround for auto applications. Our Water Resistant Foams, once pressed into surrounds, will hold a 5% soapy water solution for over 48 hours without leaking through. Additionally, our water resistant foams will hold plain water indefinitely.

Our water resistant foams are preferred by all auto makers, where water and leakage from outside elements can damage regular speaker surrounds in automobiles. Our products are very affordable and add tremendous value to an OEM’s ability to provide top quality products to their customers. Please contact us for sampling or pricing information.

We offer our Water Resistant Foams in Polyester and Polyether Urethane Foam in thickness ranges from 0.118″ to 0.984″ (3mm to 25mm) and widths from 26″ to 44″ (.66 meter to 1.118 meter).

We can help you decide which of our foams will best suit your requirements.

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