Profile Extrusion

Sherwood lndustries is a proud manufacturer of extruded profile plastics. Profile extrusion is the specialized process that allows shapes and configurations to be extruded to match your products exact requirements for your unique application.

Profile extrusion is the process of extruding a polymer through a die, manufactured to provide a shape required for your application. We make custom dies that will assure a consistent and reliable part over years of extrusion. The molded part then proceeds through a water bath for cooling and setting of the shape. Next, it is pulled through the process and then either cut to length or wound into a roll, depending on the customer’s specification.

Santoprene TM Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV) from ExxonMobil is well suited for use in weatherseals, under hood parts, interior components for the automotive industry and seals and gaskets in a multitude of industries.

We extrude many Resins as Profiles

We extrude resins into profiles that meet specific standards

Sherwood can manufacture your parts for you in the most cost effective and timely manner.

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