NSF Certified Santoprene™  Rubber Sheet

NSF standards 51 and 61 are in place to protect consumers against Food and Water contamination. If you’re looking for NSF Rubber, you’re in the right spot. Sherwood Industries Inc. supplies die-cutters with NSF 51 Rubber and NSF 61 Rubber. These standards provide manufacturers and distributors of drinking-water related products a baseline for the minimum public health and sanitation requirements. They also apply for materials used in the construction of commercial food and water containment equipment. Regulations apply to every step of the manufacturing process because it is extremely important to comply with NSF Standards if your part is in use in North America. 

Sherwood’s Capabilities

NSF rubber sheet is used for applications involving potable water, plumbing, seals and tubing. NSF 51 Rubber and NSF 61 Rubber is an area where we are experts.  Sherwood Industries Inc. manufactures a product called Santoprene™ into sheet and profile products that are Certified to NSF 51 and 61 for use in potable water applications and non-fatty food contact. Please take a look at our NSF rubber grades below to see if we can get a project started for you. Sherwood Industries Inc. makes it easy for businesses to operate within these strict standards by providing NSF Certified Santoprene™ Rubber sheet. Finally, if you are a die-cutter, our rubber sheet allows for immediate compliance due to Santoprene™ NSF grades (listed below) that are already tested and certified. 

Benefits of NSF Certified Santoprene

Once again, our NSF Certified Rubber sheets are standard in plumbing parts, potable water seals and tubing. NSF Rubber Sheet products are in compliance with NSF Standard 51, which involves Food Equipment Materials. Santoprene™ Sheet products are also certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61, therefore, drinking water system components are covered from health effects. The W236 designation is stabilized against copper and other metal-catalyzed degradation. Finally, our NSF grade products are rated for NSF STD-51, NSF STD-61, UL QMFZ2 and UL QMFZ8.

NSF 61 Standards

NSF 61 Standard

For the full PDF please use the links provided below.

NSF 51 Standards

NSF 61 Standards

North American Code Requirements for Plumbing Products

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