General Purpose Certified Rubber Sheet and Rolls


General Purpose rubber is used for the Automotive industry (Automotive Specs), consumer electronics industry, and as industrial applications, such as seals and gaskets. As stated, there are many applications and uses for our general purpose rubber products. Most of the grades offered as General Purpose rubber are certified for UL ratings, RoHS compliant, and automotive certifications. The majority of our rubber sheet is used for components in varying industries. We also offer these grades as custom profile shapes. Our rubber sheet comes in the form of rolls. Finally, our general purpose rubber sheet has tremendous flex-fatigue resistance, which relates to compression set. This measurement is meant to test the durability of your component as it undergoes stress by adding pressure in all directions and angles.


At first, Santoprene™, many customers had questioned whether to invest in machinery to extrude Santoprene™ sheet. Rubber companies learned that Santoprene™ can be produced at a lower cost than thermoset rubber. Santoprene™ manufacturers knew they would be able to find new customers in different industries due to its capabilities. Santoprene™ reduced weight up to 30% compared to its counterpart, EPDM rubbers. It’s extremely important when working with Tier 1 manufacturers that have weight guidelines on each part. We’ve been extruding Santoprene™ since 1994, and we’ve seen the automotive industry adopt many applications and grow tremendously. At this point, we see the industry continuing to grow. Santoprene™ brings many advantages to the industry with little disadvantages.


We have the capability to wind your order onto 3″ or 6″ PVC cores and cut to the width you would need for your part. Our process is extremely thorough and defined. Our rubber rolls can weigh as much or as little as you’d like. We also offer the ability to wind a specific number of linear feet onto each core so your machinery can operate properly. Each order can be customized with a pattern on one or both sides of the rubber. We offer this for aesthetics and can accommodate your request. With that being said, we have the ability to provide you with whatever width you would like that is up to 51″. Don’t forget, we offer profile designs that are also available to be cut to size and packaged in cardboard boxes and/or shipped on a traditional skid/pallet.


We extrude sheet and profile products that are designed to meet Automotive Specifications, UL Specifications, and RoHS Compliance. Sheet and Profile products made with SantopreneTM General Purpose rubber grades from ExxonMobil offer incredible advantages to your product. SantopreneTM TPV offers long-term durability and outstanding dimensional stability to your finished part. Physical properties of our extruded products perform at a peak levels over the life of your part. Many of the General Purpose rubber grades meet many Automotive Specifications. Many of the General Purpose grades meet multiple UL Specifications and are also RoHS compliant SantopreneTM TPV may offer the opportunity to lower the weight of your part due to a lower density than rubber.

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